2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Concept

Today we decided to talk about the new 2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type that will delight you in many ways from the layout until the driving force.Jaguar Jaguar Heritage Department, which in turn operates within JLR’s Special Operations Division, has introduced its new model under the symbol Lightweight E-Type, which will premiere perform at tomorrow’s Pebble Beach.

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type side

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type Design

Recall, this is a model whose production lasted for 51 years. In fact, this car actually originates from 1963 when the Jaguar planned to produce 18 copies of a series of Special GT E-Type, but in the end they produced 12, and now it’s up to produce Jaguar and the other six units so you can finish the series.

Certainly not an easy task to achieve the right balance between historical authenticity of this car and the fact that he still had over half a century of development of the auto industry since the last Lightweight E-Type. Despite these difficulties JLR Special Operations Department believe they have succeeded in their quest.

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type rear

When creating not used modern materials or modern methods of production, but new technology has served primarily to enable the production of vehicles loyal originals. The main “building material” is of course as well as the original was aluminum and are designed from the material produced monocoque, bonnet and boot, doors and roof, as well as some parts of the interior. The seats are upholstered in leather, the steering wheel is made of wood and the like.

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type interior


We have come to those items which speaks of the power. This is actually one if not the most important thing for the majority of potential buyers as well as those who prefer the auto. Let’s see what our to check.

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type light

This car runs an aluminum 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine was power 253 kW or 344 hp and a maximum torque of 380 Nm. For now it is known that the engine is mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

2015 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type hood

Six copies will then be produced, and all the specimens to be suitable and FIA-homologated machine for competitions historical models. Customers will be able to customize each vehicle to a certain degree even to discuss their wishes and ideas from the Jaguar design boss Ian Callum.

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