2016 Alfa Romeo SUV New Design

According to the latest findings 2016 Alfa Romeo SUV will arrive on the market later than 2016th The first model will be called. The compact crossover, and they will follow a larger SUV and would ultimately Alfa offer in this segment should do two models.

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV right side

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV Concept

Recall, Alfa’s Kamal Concept SUV introduced way back in 2003 then the Geneva Motor Show, the production version of the first order, a small SUV should bear the Giulietta Cross. In other words, from the technical point of view should be similar to the Giulietta, a dimension the BMW 3 Series, the Audi Q5 and the like. So, Alfa Romeo will be on the plan until 2018. Introduce eight new models, which will, among other things, characterized by “progressive, innovative engines, impressive strength / weight and distinctive Italian design.”

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV front grill

By 2018th in Alpha will be invested seven billion dollars a year to the production Alfa Romeo will be increased to 400,000 units annually. All in all, Alfa Romeo to the Plan should become the company with the best vehicles with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel industrialized in Italy. As the model is concerned, the first novelty will appear in the last quarter of 2015th year, and it will be a mid-size model, appears to be the long-awaited and repeatedly delayed Giulia.

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV side

Engine Alfa Romeo SUV Engine

To run this model will be in charge of a newly developed 4 and 6-cylinder engines. Power gasoline engine will move up to 500 hp (V6 turbo), and of diesel 350 hp. According to previous information, the strongest performance would actually have to use engine developed by Ferrari’s experts.

After the crossover, Alfa will launch a bigger size SUV Volvo XC90, and both models will be available in versions with rear-and all-wheel drive, and sources report on the distribution of the mass of 50 versus 50 before the two models arrive on the market Alfa to customers by end of 2015. should offer the successor model 159, and model Giulia, then a larger sedan that would compete with the BMW 5 Series and other similar premium cars.

2016 Alfa Romeo SUV interior

The final design is far too early to say, but it seems to definitely be one of the strongest advantages of the aforementioned cars. However it comes about Alfa.

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