2016 BMW Series 7 Release Date

According to the latest findings will the new generation 2016 BMW Series 7, which is coming to the market is expected by the end of the following year, or early 2016, will be the first BMW’s model which will incorporate the new modular six-cylinder engines.

2016 BMW Series 7 side

2016 BMW Series 7 Specs, Engine and Performance

For now there is no concrete information on the specifications of the propulsion machinery, but Car & Driver reports that will work on engines that will be based on a modular drive design by Bavarians announced two years ago, and that includes 3, 4 and 6-cylinder engines.

2016 BMW Series 7 steering wheel

2016 BMW Series 7 interior

It should be a matter of a few petrol and of diesel sequential 6-cylinder engine with which the BMW intend to set new standards when it comes to performance, power consumption, emissions and refinement of conventional propulsion machinery.

Let us add to 4-cylinder engine, which should also be found in the new series of 7, and about which for a long time I hear rumors, should be reserved for hybrid performance. Currently it is still too early to talk about the performance of the model, but it is believed that the combination of said petrol and electric motors develop a power of 300 hp.

2016 BMW Series 7 front grill

In the end, for example, and how the same source states that the new 7 Series should be, maybe even a series, equipped with laser headlamps. The mass of the car will be significantly reduced due to the enhanced design and a larger proportion of carbon fiber and other light materials, and when it comes to design, we can expect a higher dose of elegance and style.

The official premiere is expected exactly one year to the next Frankfurt Motor Show.Things were moving very fast, the competition is relentless, and for this reason we have such a brutal race between companies when it comes to the range of vehicles. And not just any offer, but deals with serious models in terms of quality and design.

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