2016 Ferrari Sergio Concept

Ferrari company is known for its many beautiful sporty variants that are occupied almost the first place in the world. Ferrari and Pininfarina are two giants in the automotive industry that celebrate sixty years of existence. To this end, they decided to make a common project that will be limited when it comes to sales. Presumably this will be a fun, modern, futuristic model 2016 Ferrari Sergio. We’ll share with you some important information even though the vehicle is not designed for in situ production.

2016 Ferrari Sergio side

2016 Ferrari Sergio Design Exterior and Interior

The presentation of this vehicle is not like the predecessors. This model was presented at a private party in Abu Dhabi and there was told that model to get six of the lucky one. From this we can conclude that the vehicle is special purpose done. Therefore it is probably about an astronomical price on which we will later. The model will be implemented on the platform of their relatives Ferrari 458 Spider. Also in connection with this on such a concept introduced as a concept in Geneva two years ago. The reaction of the audience to the new concept was more than excellent. Fabio Filippini Pininfarina designer who was responsible for the creation of a new model and said that the idea came in 2012, when the deceased founder of Sergio Pininfarina.

2016 Ferrari Sergio Concept open doors

Filippini knew he must to complement certain changes to comply with the size and the setting of the engine. The interior has undergone major changes in terms of space changes to the engine itself mechanics fit into the overall project. After he delivered six copies just started and it is a list of modifications. After the story engineers shell vehicles is stronger and lighter so that in this way achieved full effect. Weight was reduced by about 100 kg and that means that it is 1280 kg.

2016 Ferrari Sergio Concept interior

2016 Ferrari Sergio Concept inside


When it comes to the drive side as mentioned before was supposed to be doing certain changes especially inside and to thereby enable the insertion of a new engine. Something along the lines of its predecessor F60 America and this will have the same 4.5L V8 engine of 458 Speciale and that means you will be able to make 597 horsepower. And that’s more than enough acceleration of less than three seconds to 100 km. Otherwise, the entire production will be at the Pininfarina factory in Cambini. Therefore it would be modeled after the predecessors know that this is indeed a quality motor that will give its owner a remarkable strength and thus enable safe adrenalin in the blood.

2016 Ferrari Sergio Concept front light

2016 Ferrari Sergio is definitely going down in history as one particular model which is intended only to a few people and that is a specific design. Pininfarina will be remembered as someone who designed the car and the whole story are also included F360 Modena Barchetta and Testarossa Spider and many other concepts.

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