2016 Ferrari Turbo Engine

According to the latest information 2016 Ferrari it is new model which could begin to built turbocharged engines. Ferrari achieved good sales results with the current gamut, but the company already thinking about future models and their motorisation. Due to the tightening of environmental standards, the Italian manufacturer will be forced to make some changes in the engine range.

2016 Ferrari Turbo front side

2016 Ferrari Turbo Design

The first steps in this direction have been made by introducing a hybrid drive system in the new top model, LaFerrari. However, it would not be enough, it is expected that the Italians resorted to the use of turbo-filled motor. As a result, future engines will not lack power, but you probably want a distinctive sound in which the owners and fans of the brand’s cars used to.

In addition to operational improvements, is expected to be the Ferrari 458 Italia will suffer and some stylistic modifications that will include a redesign bumper covers and headlights and wider use of LED technology. Future owners on the disposal is likely to be the Harman Kardon multimedia device that is presented in a Ferrari California T and Apple CarPlay system.

Release Date of 2016 Ferrari Turbo

As reported by Britain’s Car Magazine, the successor to the current model will be marked M458-T and will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015 This moment is very close, your flock will promptly inform you. But sales in 2016.

2016 Ferrari Turbo rear

Engine and Performance

Instead of the previous 4.5-liter atmospheric V8 engine with 570 hp, the Ferrari 458 Italia will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 unit that will produce around 680 hp. It is expected that Ferrari M458-T is faster than the current version which is from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 s.

How to Ferrari important to maintain or improve the current performance of the car, so in the new circumstances, which require that the vehicle be more economical and less polluting to the atmosphere, important data on consumption and CO2 emissions.

2016 Ferrari Turbo engine

The introduction of turbo technology will contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, which in the model 458 Italia to the factory data currently stands at 307 g / km, will be significantly reduced.

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