2016 Ford GT Concept

One of the models that could soon join us is the 2016 Ford GT, which trumps Ford. This sports car is really something that will refresh our customers and fans of this vehicle. We have some information available and we will share with you the details, we’ll have to wait for the vehicle completely.

2016 Ford GT detroit front side

This time we arrive with detailed information regarding the 2016 Ford GT, which was introduced in the Detroit Motor Show. We will look back for a moment and say that the Ford GT40 back in 1966 and took the first place and it has continued over the next few. Ford has had several advanced training so they will this time make ford surprise and again participate in LeMans. Ferrari and McLaren P1 LaFerrari are well studied by the Ford Company and that the new model Ford GT very close to it all. To maintain speed and good movement when cornering made a small spoiler. Many reminiscent of his two predecessors especially the front part and the last part is partially modified to improve aerodynamics.

2016 Ford GT detroit doors

We shall mention one more thing regarding the driving force that the new model provides the next generation 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine. Ford has not wanted to reveal the details of this engine, but said he will develop more than 600 hp, while believed to be the torque should be over 678 Nm.

2016 Ford GT inside

For now we do not know the true cost, it is still speculation, but it is assumed that it will be bigger than its predecessor, whose price was $ 140,000. It speaks volumes about what kind of vehicle we talk.

2016 Ford GT interior

2016 Ford GT Concept

When we talk about design some of the pictures show that it is a vehicle which will look at some ways to be more aggressive than its predecessor. The front of the vehicle and the hood should be rounded or be slightly leaning forward. Only that part relieves the existing sharp look of the car and slightly gives a kind of elegant appearance, although this car is not. Production of the previous Ford GT ended nearly eight years, but the latest report show to his successor in the markets could occur precisely in 2016, Motor Trend reports, citing insiders, that the new GT should be part of the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the first victory of models GT40 at Le Mans 24 Hours.

So far, little is known about the new model, but it is believed to be the work of the supercar with mid-engine and classic design. Also, there are rumors that Ford could produce a racing version that competed at Le Mans said.

2016 Ford GT detroit rear


While we almost certainly did not know a lot of things the same source reports to the road model could trigger an improved version of 5.2-liter V8 engine, which will be powered Mustang GT350, which could develop a maximum power of around 633 hp and 466 kW, and Maximum torque of 677 Nm. As you can see, the company is extremely trying to come to improve the engine and its volume.

2016 Ford GT engine

Release Date

As we already mentioned, the realization of this vehicle is expected in 2016 and the sale could take place later in 2017 leaves us to wait a certain period of time to pass and then it will already be aware of more details. This is now what is stored provide adequate information in the sense that it is a vehicle that will surely be improved. In the end we will say that the previous GT was done in honor of its predecessor, but did not provide the technological capabilities of its competitors. It seems to us that all errors corrected with the 2016 model, and that comparative test between the GT and the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette, also with a centrally mounted engine, be something interesting in the American auto industry. The serial model should debut next year at the same location, while the production and sales start to the year 2016.

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