2016 Honda Accord Coupe USA Interior and Price

2016 Honda Accord Coupe USA interior, priceJust weeks after its debut refreshed Accord in sedan form, Honda has decided that the American audience with this car as a coupe. Honda Accord Coupe USA 2016 is a model that is likely to occupy a leading place in the US market. For something like that there are a lot of reasons, from design all the way to the engine that drives the ovao vehicle. Certainly the quality of which is uvde applied is higher compared to its predecessors.

Again, on the other hand is not so much changed but enough to keep customers interested and attention was put on a new vehicle. This is certainly talking about a sport luxury vopzilu to your win soon as you see it. We can go to some well-established order.

2016 Honda Accord Coupe side

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Exterior and Interior of 2016 Honda Accord Coupe USA

So this Japanese car is the only representative in the class which can be obtained as the decision to buy Nissan Altima coupe not debut in the new generation. Much like the sedan or coupe makes a great revolution and most of the lines already seen in the prequel. 2016 Honda Accord Coupe is still bothered that customers notice the difference, even sports bumper completely new, and there are 19-inch wheels that were not available in the past. All models now feature LED taillights and richly equipped models, such as the LX-S, and gloss piano black details in the interior. Honda says that the greatest attention to the new system of security measures called Honda Sensing.

2016 Honda Accord Coupe front side

It will be available in all versions, and it imply Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), which automatically brakes if the system notices that there is a danger of collision, and alerts when you step on the line and a second car in the blind spot. Honda Sensing is already available in a small crossover CR-V, and how can it decide the majority of customers, Honda believes may increase the popularity of so as to offer this option in the Accord. The interior has undergone much less change, and the only major change is somewhat larger monitor.

2016 Honda Accord Coupe interior

Engine Spec

When it comes to mechanics, the standard engine is still 2.4L I4 with 189 hp and 247 Nm of torque with the optional 3.5L V6 with 278 hp and 342 Nm of torque. The standard transmission of 2016 Honda Accord Coupe is still a six-speed manual, which transmits power to the front wheels. CVT transmission is an option on models with the I4 engine while the V6 versions provide six-speed automatic transmission.

2016 Honda Accord Coupe grille2016 Honda Accord Coupe rear2016 Honda Accord Coupe engine 

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2016 Honda Accord Coupe Price

Unlike the sedan, the coupe 2016 Honda Accord Coupe will be available in a hybrid version. With a starting price of 24,590 dollars, buy it for about $ 2,000 more expensive than the sedan. He is still less convenient and more uncomfortable, but because provides much greater sports performance and its owners will definitely feel special at the wheel. As we said, the Accord is the only sedan in its class in the US market.

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