2016 Honda Civic

At this year’s Motor Show in New York, comes with a Honda Accord Coupe concept, which announces the next generation of the popular Japanese compact. This model has much to offer and people who have the spirit of sport and who are looking for adrenaline. 2016 Honda Civic will you at a glance delight in design and in the quality of the team we have yet to meet. We will see what is on offer this time.

2016 Honda Civic side

2016 Honda Civic Design

Many have called this car the biggest changes is the Civic won in history and product on which the company founder Soichiro Honda was proud. We’re not sure whether you would agree with the above sentences, but the Civic is still a very important model for Honda at the American market. Over 325,000 copies were delivered last year, which was not enough for first place in the class and refreshed Toyota Corolla its victory. Model in New York offers so many aggressive design that many believe will inspire Type R, although it is unlikely that such a car will be available as a coupe.

In this way the Japanese automaker expects the Civic will not only look sporty but would like to be in the driving. And are expected to be slightly larger in order to open additional space in the rear seats, but in essence it is unlikely that Honda will be playing with an extra formula.

Civic Concept

2016 Honda Civic inside


Let’s see what lies beneath the hood. The new 2016 Honda Civic will also issue and offer of new VTEC engine, ranging from atmospheric to 1.5 and 2.0L turbo. As expected, the choice of transmission will be a six-speed manual and CVT. Honda has also confirmed that North America will receive a new Type R, but the audience it will probably have to wait an extra two years. It is assumed that the Type R to provide identical 2.0L turbo engine with over 300 hp.

Another detail is known, and he will be the last Hatch model that will arrive in the offer. The first will be the sedan and already in the autumn, after which it will be followed by coupe and at the end of Hatch. At the start will be available only to the standard models while the sporty Si models usledeti later. As we mentioned, the 2016 Honda Civic will receive two new engines, but their strength was not known. Let me also mention that some witnesses say the 2.0L engine that develops 150 hp, while the 1.5L turbo engine that develops 50 hp more, but this story will not be confirmed for some time.

2016 Honda Civic grill

2016 Honda Civic – Release date

Honda does not want to settle for second place, so for 2017 saves a brand new Civic. Finally, we will mention that even though we have a lot of speculation, there is no doubt that the Civic will not disappoint you and will offer to be stronger than ever before. This is very important because the competition is stronger than ever before, so it will be interesting to see the first major comparative test.

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