2016 Lincoln Continental Price, pictures

2016 Lincoln Continental

Price, interior… – When we talk about this model should first say that it is current in the period from 1939 to 2002. Just because an icon of the American space you will have the opportunity to be informed about the new Lincoln Continental 2016.

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There is still no live footage but what he has, including with some of the previous models, we will certainly watch us show you what it is that we could expect this time. Certainly luxury and quality. Without this, this model certainly would not be the right thing.

2016 Lincoln Continental side

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2016 Lincoln Continental – Exterior and Interior specs

It is interesting to point out that unlike the rest of Continental offers no connection to the Ford company. Continental does not have a platform as is the case with other models that resemble Ford and have his makeup. Also not mechanics is not in this story, and this is another story. This is an entirely new beginning for Lincoln Continental. When it comes to the design of these are no resemblance to the rest of the vehicles in this group. design lines are completely new and do not share similarity with the rest.

2016 Lincoln Continental rear

Definitely can be seen from the accompanying image that looks a lot more luxurious than its predecessor. On the other hand beeped and Bentley, who said that the new 2016 Lincoln Continental interior somehow stole the design specs lines of its models, but also we can say that there is a similarity with the Continental variant from the period of 1960. A similar thing is in the interior, which is of exceptional quality and design. More on this will be when we become available to further introduce the vehicle and its interior.

2016 Lincoln Continental Pictures

2016 Lincoln Continental front side

2016 Lincoln Continental steering wheel

2016 Lincoln Continental rear seats

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Engine of 2016 Lincoln Continental

What is hidden under the hood?

Should immediately say that in addition to the new platform is still in circulation front-wheel drive with an option on all four. What can be said with certainty is that the new model features a new 3.0L turbo V6 engine that makes 400 horsepower and is designed exclusively for the 2016 Lincoln Continental.

Also in circulation is a legend that says that under the hood is 2.7L turbo V6 engine, with its 325 horsepower. Such an engine is installed in Ford and F-150 and Edge. Although the story of this high-strength some markets such as China can get a variant that is weaker and 2.0 to 4 liter engine that makes 252 horsepower.

2016 Lincoln Continental grill

2016 Lincoln Continental – Price and Release date

According to some information, 2016 Lincoln Continental price could be about to cost about $200,000. More details will be known during the year 2016. During this period, should make his debut in Detroit in showrooms this model. Sales are reserves for next year. China is a very large market that will probably be flooded with these models. It is assumed that about 300 thousand vehicles per year by 2020.

2016 Lincoln Continental Spy shots

2016 lincoln continental spy shots side 2016 lincoln continental spy shots 2016 lincoln continental spy shots back 2016 lincoln continental spy shots front 2016 lincoln continental spy shots light

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