2016 Mazda Koeru Like New CX-7

Mazda in Frankfurt unveiled its new concept car Koeru, and the main attraction of their year’s exhibition is very likely a direct announcement of the new model 2016 Mazda Koeru. Japanese manufacturer is not giving up the winning combination. Kodo design and Skyactiv technology has successfully been applied to the new concept – crossover Koeru.

The model needs to come will have new things, such as design changes inside and out and improve the quality of development and motive power. Mazda is among the smaller automakers in the world, but this year is not disappointed with his performance at the fair in Frankfurt. Although the current world capital of car events did not arrive with the new standard model, visitors will be able to see an interesting concept daughters.

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Exterior and Interior of 2016 Mazda Koeru

What can we say about the design? Do we go first of its dimensions? So it is a natural sequence dodgadjaja so we and go. It is a crossover length 4.6 m, width 1.9 m and height 1.5 m, which should amount to a successor to the CX-7. Exterior design has a distinctive signature Kodo, with distinctive grille and narrow, sloped LED headlights and brake lights. Koeru has slightly lower silhouette of a crossover, as highlighted by the hips reveals its sporty character.

2016 Mazda Koeru rear

Are not known appearance of the interior is not motorization, but we know that under the bonnet of SKYACTIV driving machine and that the production performance certainly run engines from the line. Specifically, one can expect turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, and the likely arrival and hybrid versions.

2016 Mazda Koeru grille2016 Mazda Koeru concept2016 Mazda Koeru interior

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The driving force has not yet been presented and there is no information whether we can rely on a predecessor or his cousin who is very similar. In any case, the new model is expected to be stronger and have a higher quality than its predecessor. What we all seek is that the vehicle spends as little as possible and as few polluting the environment. Environmental protection has become one of the primary things to all companies. something all the more expected in the future.

2016 Mazda Koeru grill2016 Mazda Koeru rear light

Price and Release Date

It is the same with the price list and the price of the basic vehicle or base that will contain only basic things. Depending on the equipment that has can not count that will be so and prices move. Price list we can expect the beginning of the realization of the vehicle.

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