2016 MG GS Concept

Today’s trend in the world buying and selling companies, trade with different parts of the world. Today it is present more than ever. This is the case with MG GHQ which was once the pride of the UK and today is owned by the Chinese, who gave him a note of your design. The market came almost four years ago and was not present in the market nearly 16 years. You will probably at first glance to see that it really is one of the eastern model who was once proud British car. There were present two models MG6 sedan and a small MG3 with what’s on the market came some two years later. MG6 is based on the Chinese model Roewe 550. You will see at first glance a great likeness. Sales were not impressive despite some changes and new advertising campaigns. All this will overshadow the arrival of a new model 2016 MG GS of which should improve the situation of their relatives on the market.

2016 MG GS side

2016 MG GS Design Exterior and Interior

In a way, potential buyers have already had the opportunity to get acquainted with this model, but under the symbol CS. This model is presented in Shanghai as a concept and now we have the opportunity to meet with him and under him the final say real name MG GS. The design was done by the Chinese and British people and that is the essence, we have such a combination of design. Most of the line is kept from his relatives MG3 and the MG6. in this way follows the strategy of distinctive design and design that everyone will be able to recognize. Also, the company did not want to forget the old models or classics and is accordingly designed a new logo, which will give a picture of those times.

When we talk about dimensions of the vehicle they were in relation to 4,500 mm, 1,855 mm wide and 1,675 mm high which makes it 73 mm longer, 46 mm wider and 8 mm lower in comparison with you could say the main rival Volkswagen Tiguan. Ssangyong Rekton is probably the platform on which rests this model but the company says that this vehicle has been done on an entirely new platform and it can not be compared with any other model, let alone a story that took someone’s platform. Platform that is made is sufficient to rely on her other future models as this platform is flexible enough to adapt to some new models.

2016 MG GS roof


At the start there will be a great choice because it gives the buyer the available 2.0L turbo diesel that can develop 217 horsepower and peak torque of 350Nm. One thing is certain and that is that in the near future, customers will get a few more engine choice but until then we will keep the story with this one. Power is transmitted to the front wheels by means of an automatic transmission with six gears. If the mentioned performance would say that the acceleration to 100 km in about eight seconds while the top speed is still unknown but it will soon be resolved.

2016 MG GS parts

Release Date

We have already mentioned that this vehicle on the European market share reached by early next year and perhaps already in the offer he finds another engine to 1.5 liters of petrol will be able to make 186 horsepower and other 1.8 liter with 148 horsepower. It is expected that the new 2016 MG GS will bring new victories and opportunities unlike predecessors who brought somehow bankrupt company.

2016 MG GS grill

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