2016 Pontiac GTO Judge, Specs and Price

2016 Pontiac GTO judge, specs, for sale, price… – Rarely a discontinued car has such a loyal following even after getting the axe. Furthermore, most of the cars that do get discontinued have already passed their heyday long time ago before this unfortunate event. This is why nostalgic people tend to acquire much older models of their favorite icons. Muscle cars are perfect examples of this practice. Chevelle, Firebird and Barracuda are long since gone, but there’s still a market for them. First among the equals is certainly Pontiac GTO 2016.2016 Pontiac GTO side

2016 Pontiac GTO: Review design exterior and interior

2016 Pontiac GTO won’t be heading down your street – that’s for certain. Even 2017 or 2018 year models have very little chance of appearing. After all, Pontiac brand has been put to rest and sealed off for unforeseeable time. GTO’s picture, however, doesn’t have to end here, or 10 years ago when it was discontinued. We have witnessed revival of a number of iconic brands over the years, and there has to be a place for the GTO somewhere. Will GM wait for Pontiac’s revival as a brand or will they move the GTO nameplate to some other badge, remains to be seen. For now; let the speculations begin.

2016 Pontiac GTO rear

They also recreate the GTO’s of old. Created by designer Kevin Morgan, 6T9 GOAT is a modern-day replica of the 1969 GTO Judge. Apart from being red and all, it features the LS3 engine, but with a supercharger fixed to it. This creates more than 600 horsepower of pure performance and they all hit the ground at the rear wheels. If you love the GTO (especially the rare Judge model) and don’t intend to splash the cash on used 40-year old chassis which requires meticulous attention and constant maintenance, 6T9 GOAT is your best bet.

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2016 Pontiac GTO front

I am of the opinion that Morgan Design and Trans Am Depot aren’t that far off from what would be the modern-day GTO. Muscle cars are modern now; there’s no doubt about it, but they are yet again the muscle cars, and not boxy coupes of the nineties and early two thousands. This is why this look fits the picture, even though actual GM-produced Pontiac GTO would certainly take a different turn. In any case, if the official GTO reappears sometime along the way, expect it to feature contemporary cues with both angled and curved creases. It should also feature some of old model’s trademark details such as split grille and angular rear. Interior will likely depend on a trim level, but all modern features should easily find their way to the new GTO. Trans Am Depot’s GTO, for instance, features black leather all over, and unique decals and embroidery as well.

2016 Pontiac GTO inside

Engine of 2016 Pontiac GTO

2016 Pontiac GTO deserves a strong powertrain that it always used to exhibit over the years, but new generations of muscle cars tend to offer 4-cylinders as well. Is the GM ready to offer a few pony cars with fuel-efficient engines and create a competition for their flagship Camaro, remains to be seen. In any case, when or if Pontiac GTO returns, expect it with at least turbo V-6 and possibly even V-8 power. Furthermore, you have probably already heard about the Trans Am Depot. They convert new Camaro’s into Firebirds, but that’s not all.

2016 Pontiac GTO engine2016 Pontiac GTO grille

2016 Pontiac GTO – Price

In order to get your own 6T9 GOAT, first you’ll have to donate a brand new Chevy Camaro which is no mean feat. You’ll have to buy it for some $30,000 give or take and instantly bid it farewell. For additional $30,000 or so, you’ll get the all-new Pontiac GTO 2016, however, and it has to be worth it. Official GM’s GTO, on the other hand shouldn’t cost much more than $25,000, but its price tag could soar to $50,000. Of course, we’ll first have to wait for it to make an appearance.


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2016 Pontiac GTO Release Date

2016 Pontiac GTO

is, sadly, only a wish for now. It collects the yearnings of countless armies of people which still can’t forget their first love. When will it arrive and in what light – no one knows for certain. For now, there’s a choice between the 6T9 or a used GTO. Still, not that bad.

More information about Pontiac GTO you can find on edmunds.

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