2016 Porsche Electric

Every day we have more and more in the story to be as much take care of the natural environment. That’s where the auto industry, which by all means trying to reduce adverse environmental impacts. One of the ways is through the introduction of electric vehicles. 2016 Porsche Electric is what we can expect from the company shortly as an indication that it is a clean energy. How much will be successful in this whole story remains to be seen. For now, everything is still in the form of some great preparing the ground for what should come and be realized.

2016 Porsche Electric rear

2016 Porsche Electric Specs

According to the latest findings Porsche is preparing a new unconventional driven models that will be based on a modified version MSB platform. More specifically, according to Autocar will work on at least one electric and one vehicle is started by hydrogen fuel cells.

2016 Porsche Electric

Said platform will reportedly carry a label eMSB and standard of performance will it distinguish a larger number of various modifications necessary for the implementation of electric and hydrogen drive. Also, it will be further strengthened in order to provide additional protection of batteries and hydrogen storage tanks.

2016 Porsche Electric interior

Engine of 2016 Porsche Electric

It’s time to take a peek under the hood and see what we have to offer. Each of us interested in what is, and how strong driving force of the vehicle, especially if it is an electric vehicle from one such company. 2016 Porsche Electric model will reportedly carry a label 718 and the power of the drivetrain would supposedly be at least 420 hp, while its autonomy should be above 400 km. His arrival on the market is expected in late 2017 or early 2018, and the design of the exterior and interior make a big impact should realize imminent Pajunen(Panamera Junior), or the future of Porsche smaller sedan.

Performance-driven fuel cell vehicle to the market should arrive shortly after electricity, and will reportedly carry a label 818. For now believes that both models should have two rear electric motors and torque distribution system.

2016 Porsche Electric front side

So far no official confirmation, but we believe that we will not have long to wait for new information.

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