2016 Renault KWID Price

French manufacturer intensifies competition in the segment of lower car class. Although primarily intended for the Indian and other emerging markets, Renault Kwid is designed as a global model that Europe should be sold under the Dacia badge. Renault has introduced in India its new small crossover called 2016 Renault KWID. Some sources claim that this model will arrive in Europe and under the Dacia’s badge, but so far no official confirmation to support this claim. More specifically, for now it is known only that KWID from next year will be available in South America.

2016 Renault KWID side

2016 Renault KWID Exterior and Interior

KWID is based on the platform of CMF-A, which was developed in collaboration with Nissan and basically this is a hatchback SUV lines or classic small town A crossover segment with a raised floor (180 mm), additional plastic protection sills, wheel arches. Although the grille bears the Renault, Kwid obviously has Dacia’s DNA.

2016 Renault KWID rear

The design of the exterior reveals genes rumuskog brand, but the car is set to CMF-A platform, which was developed in cooperation with Nissan. Kwid is long 3.68 m wide 1.58 m, and given that it serves the fast-growing automotive markets, where road infrastructure is not satisfactory, ground clearance is higher than ordinary passenger cars and up to 180 mm. Also, the lower parts of the vehicle are further protected by plastic elements, like the Cross model.

The interior Kwida is a simple, minimalist design, and most commands located on the screen multimedia system.
Rather than use a conventional instrument, the driver reads the necessary data on the digital display.

2016 Renault KWID change gear

2016 Renault KWID Engine

When it comes to the driving snzi vehicles it will be corect and will not fall behind their competitors. David and what is available to us from the information when it comes to this segment. 2016 Renault KWID model runs small 0.8-liter engine paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, which should result in low consumption and emissions. As we can see this should have some guidelines that will direct us on what we can expect from the vehicles that have yet to be realized.

2016 Renault KWID grill

2016 Renault KWID sign

2016 Renault KWID Release and Price

French manufacturer said that India is the most important market model Kwid. The 2016 Renault KWID car will in that country be available with 0.8-liter petrol engine and five-speed manual transmission and sales at a price of 4,200 to 5,600 euros.

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