2016 Renault Sandero RS

Sport version of the 2016 Renault Sandero RS, which bears the RS (Renault Sport), officially debuted at the Motor Show in Buenos Aires, and unfortunately all admirers of the Dacia brand, this model will not come to Europe! If you recall, a few months ago we wrote about the plans of Renault to the emerging markets, especially South America, presents its new sporty car, based on the low-cost model. As obvious candidate imposed by the Sandero, which is produced in Brazil under the sign of Renault.2016 Renault Sandero RS rear

2016 Renault Sandero RS Design

This is made, RS Sandero is the first Renault model which carries the RS designation, and that is not produced in Europe, namely, that it is not out of the production halls Renault Sport factory in Dieppe. Otherwise, Renault Sport or RST (Renault Sport Technologies), is a sports branch of the French manufacturer, which was created in 1976 by the merger of French Alpine and Gordini brand, famous for its many sports and racing models.

For those who hoped that the Sandero RS will soon arrive in Europe and enrich the somewhat poorer markets, such as ours, where sales RS model far below the European average, followed by great disappointment, since it does not intend to Renault Sandero RS “moved “outside markets of South America!

2016 Renault Sandero RS


That is how the 2016 Renault Sandero RS sports version of the famous model, which is powered by 2.0-liter atmospheric petrol, power 145 horsepower that come with six-speed manual transmission. Of course, the increase in power, accompanied by the modification of the suspension system, electronic stability control and brake system.

2016 Renault Sandero RS engine

Maybe 145 horsepower and does not seem like anything special, especially not in the sports model, for which the Sandero RS issue, but we should not lose sight of the fact that it is lighter than the Sandero Renault Clio, as well as the French manufacturer just do not want to direct competitor in performance, even in markets such as South America.

2016 Renault Sandero RS wheel

2016 Renault Sandero RS Release Date

The car will debut at the upcoming fair in Buenos Aires, in Argentinas showrooms arrives in early 2016. We are about that because it’s happening very soon.

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