2017 Ford Focus Sport

Ford Focus is a car which does not need more representation. Ford will give its customers a surprise in the form of 2017 Ford Focus Sport. Although for now non-existent details related to this vehicle, we will try to present as much of the available information. At first glance, you’ll be delighted for the rest proctajte text.2017 Ford Focus Sport side

2017 Ford Focus Sport

The popular sedan in the last few years, won the title of best-selling car in the world with an annual delivery of over one million copies, and the popularity is especially high in Europe, China and North America. Ford has recently been busy presenting the almighty 2017 Ford Focus Sport, which provides 345 hp and four-wheel, but that does not mean neglecting the offer of cheaper models. At the recent International Motor Show in Essen, Germany, the American giant has unveiled Fiesta Sport for those who want their attractive design, as well as some of the more affordable engine. 2017 Ford Focus Sport will be able to get a combined two color red-black and black-red, and greatly resembles the “Back & Red” models that are presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

2017 Ford Focus Sport front

In addition to all colors of cars, Ford has provided several design details, such as the roof, windows and some body parts are painted in the color of the cons of red and black core. There are also 18-inch wheels in black, a similar strategy with the color is represented in the interior to the aluminum pedals.

2017 Ford Focus Sport seats

2017 Ford Focus Sport steering wheel

Under the hood

When it comes to mechanics, Sport is available with two 1.5L turbo (EcoBoost) engine with 150 hp and 182 hp and 2.0L diesel with 150 hp. Although these changes may be small, Ford says the Sport and well equipped and that on equipment in front of him only ST and RS models. This means that sport occupies a position that has so far filled Zetec S, which is a long time considered to be one of the most affordable sports cars in its class. It is expected that most buyers to opt for the more powerful of the two petrol engines, which in addition to 180 hp and develops 240 Nm of torque.

That is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds with a top speed of 221 km/h. There is no doubt that the sport to attract the attention of all those who want to be reserved, but the big problem is that almost identical Zetec S, without special colors, is quite expensive.

2017 Ford Focus Sport grille

2017 Ford Focus Sport Price

There is a very high initial price about $27,500 for 2017 Ford Focus Sport, which is certainly not small, but puts the sport in the I rank with the Seat Leon FR. However, when you consider the reputation and image of the car’s success is almost guaranteed.

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