2017 Lincoln Continental New Continental on Detroit Auto Show

As always when it’s time for a 2016 Detroit car show is coming and a lot of excitement and expectations of the fans or potential buyers. The road ahead is a new model 2017 Lincoln Continental, which will be fully implemented in two years. For now, though not rich in details and test driving some models like its predecessors, we will give you enough information to satisfy your appetite for information about this model.

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What will you see at a glance whether any changes in the exterior design and the rest especially one under the hood also has a certain change. We will try to make the best perform the presentation of the new model.

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2017 Lincoln Continental side

2017 Lincoln Continental Exterior design specs

After the concert, which made its debut in New York last year, serial Lincoln Continental promises a new era for the brand and fiercer battle with the Cadillac. Is it just wishful Ford wants or is really so, it remains to be seen. However, the product of Dearborn is elegant, powerful, impressive, and was called quiet luxury.

American Lincoln, which operates as a luxury brand within Ford, chose the Detroit Motor Show to premiere the new Continental. Return the names of Continental, which in the American automotive market has a tradition of over 75 years, announced in the spring of 2015 when he introduced the concept of the same name. The front seats can be adjusted in 30 directions, even with ventilation and massage functions for the rear seats. There is also Revel audio system. So too American luxury.

2017 Lincoln Continental roof

Although the public a lot of talk about the fact that Lincoln copied the look of the Flying Spur Bentley brand, which went off the head of the design of the producers, Luc Donckerwolke, the prototype has left a positive impression on the car lovers.

A year days later, the concept has evolved into a production version, with minor stylistic changes, but the impression is that the new Lincoln Continental brings refreshment in the design of American luxury sedan.

2017 Lincoln Continental rear

Although many manufacturers during the transition concept in the production model willing to dispose of details that complicate and increase the cost of production, Lincoln, for example, held that specific handles are cleverly integrated into the chrome strip below the window on the door.

2017 Lincoln Continental


The interior of 2017 Lincoln Continental also abounds with luxurious amenities and details. The front seats, which are equipped with a system for heating and cooling, can be set on as many as 30 ways, while the central rear seat folding turns into the continuation of the center console with controls with which to control the climate in the rear cabin. Soundproofing interior enhanced by the use of acoustic laminated glass and the active system for the neutralization of external noise.

Images of new 2017 Lincoln Continental2017 Lincoln Continental interior2017 Lincoln Continental inside2017 Lincoln Continental radio2017 Lincoln Continental rear seats

Engine specs

We finally got to one of the interesting points which is the driving force. The effortless power comes from a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with up to 400 hp. There are also prestigious components such as ambient light, which is activated as the driver approaches the car, then the hidden electric door handles, as well as the panoramic roof. Technology-wise, the new Conti disposes suspension and steering system, which operate in three modes, system vectoring torque, adaptive cruise control, a system of 360-degree camera system and assists in preventing collisions and pedestrian detection.

2017 Lincoln Continental grille

2017 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Price

As we saw at the beginning of the text and the full realization of the 2017 Lincoln Continental launch of the remains of a 2017 year long and is likely to price list of vehicles to be known. There will be a price range that you will be able to choose the level of equipment and vehicles.

More info about new 2017 Lincoln Continental try to find on autoblog.

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