2017 Toyota Tundra Diesel

Known as one of the most reliable pickup trucks on the market, Toyota Tundra has been pleasantly surprising its customers since its first release in 1999. Toyota has prepared another pleasant surprise for its customers for 2016 in the form of the latest 2017 Toyota Tundra model.

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2017 Toyota Tundra front side

2017 Toyota Tundra Diesel Interior and Exterior Design

It looks as if manufacturers have been looking for ways to give Tundra a new face, while still maintaining the trademark features of previous models. Be it as it may, grille, headlights and bumpers still keep the looks of previous Tundra models. 2017 Toyota Tundra interior offers a variety of upgrades starting from neat details in wood to leather seats which look absolutely stunning. On top of all that 2017 Toyota Tundra Diesel comes with an abundance of new features such as 6.1 inch touch screen display, wireless internet connection and HD radio. The new model should be available in different colors, including several variations of red, white and black.

2017 Toyota Tundra interior

2017 Toyota Tundra inside

2017 Toyota Tundra back

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Tundra models are traditionally famous for their strong and fuel efficient engines. There will be no surprises on this front for the loyal Tundra customers. 2017 Toyota Tundra Diesel should be available with a few different engines. The first option offers 4 liter V6 engine with 270 horse power, while the second is a bit more powerful with 4.6 liter V8 engine and 310 horse power.

The last, but certainly not the least option is 5.7 liter V8 engine, and with 381 horse power. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the rumor that a new 2017 Toyota Tundra diesel model might be introduced to the customers. It should come with an impressive 5 liter V8 turbocharged engine with 310 horse power. Such variety of models should provide the users with choices that will suit their needs, whether they want a vehicle for the city or one for the open read.

2017 Toyota Tundra engine

Release date and Prices

The new 2017 Toyota Tundra Diesel release should take place during the summer of 2016, but the precise date is not set yet. It is also not known which event will have the honor of hosting the release of Tundra’s new model. Rumors say that it is even possible that Toyota will not make an official introduction of the Tundra model, due to the modest amount of changes made on the 2017 Toyota Tundra. However, the latest version of Toyota’s pickup truck should be available for sales immediately after the release. The price of 2017 Toyota Tundra isn’t available yet, and there is no indication whether or not different models will vary in price.

Estimations place the new model anywhere within a price range starting from $28,800 to $48,000, which makes it both affordable and a good investment. Famous for its durability and fuel efficiency Tundra is one of the best pickup trucks on the market. 2017 Toyota Tundra will only add to this reputation and should surely be one of the best vehicles of its class once it hits the market. There is very little doubt that Tundra’s new model will be a smashing success.

2017 Toyota Tundra video

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