Aston Martin To Open New Factory In Wales – DBX Model

There are a lot of luxurious cars and vehicles all over the world, but it needs to be said that only a few really deserves to bear this name. The manufacturer that surely knows how to make really luxurious cars is Aston Martin. With plants all over the world this manufacturer is giving his best in order to provide the utmost luxury to its customers. He does this by making limited editions of cars which are equipped with the best and most modern equipment packages.

Aston Martin dbx model side

Aston Martin – New Factory in Wales

In order to continue this tradition, the manufacturer has decided to spread his wings even more and to build another factory for another luxurious model. Let’s talk about that factory for a while. On the basis of the manufacturer’s announcement, the factory would be located in Wales, in St. Athan to be more precise. It is still not known how many people would be working, but the estimates are that more than 750 employees would be there.

The exact date of the starting of the production is not known, but the prediction is that the factory would be finished by 2020 and that the production of cars would start in that year. We can see how big is this project in the fact that Aston Marin is not alone and that he has the support not only of the British Government but also of the regional, i.e. Welsh, one.

Aston Martin dbx model exterior

Let’s stop a while and discuss the model that would be produced here. More specifically, the manufacturer is planning to produce only the Aston Martin DBX model in this factory. How exclusive this model of a car is can be seen from the fact that it appears in James Bond movies. We still do not know how many units would be produced here, but the production would most definitely be limited. The reason for this limiting is not connected to the production potentials of the factory but to the exclusivity of the cars that would be produced here. The DBX model would be near to perfect.

Aston Martin dbx model back

This means that the manufacturer would make this car extremely aesthetically pleasing in terms of its lines and edges which would be very aerodynamic so that the car would even have a kind of a sports exterior design. It is also expected that the car would be produced with two doors and a trunk door.

The headlights and taillight are expected to be incorporated in such a way to be elegant yet sharp looking. Even though the Aston Martin DBX model would have two doors, it is expected that it would have two rows of seats and the capacity for five passengers. Comfort is guaranteed. The interior would be made from the finest materials on the market.

Aston Martin dbx model open

All in all, the opening of the new Aston Martin DBX factory in Wales is a great thing for the local economy since it would result in new jobs in the area. On the other hand, it would be great news for all luxurious car overs around the globe.

Aston Martin dbx model interior

Aston Martin dbx model inside

More information find on The Guardian.

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