PONTIAC BBK PARTS – While new muscle cars tend to be all hunky dory, even they leave something to be desired from the get-go. Manufacturers tend to lower the costs as much as they can in order to make as biggest profit as they can, hence hunting for aftermarket parts from day-one isn’t such a bad thing after all. Used cars are a different picture. Yes, people tend to discard their 5-year old compact or mid-size Toyota’s and Ford’s and change them with newer leased models, but what to do if you own a car worthy of keeping? What to do if you possess an icon like Pontiac Firebird or GTO, for instance? There’s only one way to keep it alive and relatively fresh. It’s the aftermarket.PONTIAC BBK PARTS Pipe trans am pontiac

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If you do possess one of such cars, you already know what a struggle it can be at times. If you’re planning on getting one, on the other hand, be prepared to shed the blood, the sweat and the tears while maintaining your new (old) baby. Powertrain is every car’s lifeline and crucial part of its maintenance process. LS engines power the most GM icons from late nineties onward, and these cars are easiest to get since cars from sixties, seventies and eighties are very few and far in between. However, even older versions have to be maintained, don’t they. This is where BBK kicks in with their spare parts and performance tweaks alike. They offer a number of upgrades and improvements to choose from, and it all depends on your Pontiac or other GM badge, for that matter.

PONTIAC BBK PARTS header system

Short, mid-length or long; headers are one of car’s parts you’ll have to change somewhere along the line. BBK offers all categories and their headers come with chrome or ceramic coating which prevent corrosion from doing its part. Of course, nothing lasts forever, but neither were your original parts, haven’t they? Depending on the type, these vital replacement parts usually cost between $350 and $550, but it all depends on the retailer. Apart from dealing with corrosion, most headers (especially longer ones) will change your power output at the same time, thus leaving you with possibly stronger car.

PONTIAC BBK PARTS exhaust trans am, gto

Fuel supply is important as any part of your powertrain and Pontiacs of old can still get refurbished intake manifolds for between $500 and $800 if performance is a must for you. New manifolds produced by PONTIAC BBK are made out of lightweight aluminum and are no less than titanium powercoated which not only increases their durability, but protects them from corrosion at the same time.

While you’re changing your intake manifold, there’s a good possibility that your Pontiac’s throttle body is ripe for a change as well. Even if not so, it’s a shame combining new and old parts, and BBK offers a fix for that as well. BBK power-plus series throttle bodies cost just slightly north of $300 and are mostly made for powerful V-8 mills.


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Engine PONTIAC BBK Parts

BBK offers high-flow fuel rails for your LS1 engine which not only powers Pontiac muscles, but pickups as well. Whether it’s stock powertrain that beats under your chassis or aftermarket upgraded one, BBK’s Pontiac fuel rails will deliver high fuel flow and better performance along the way.

PONTIAC BBK PARTS specs trans am

There’s a great number of PONTIAC BBK goodies to choose from apart from mentioned ones. Thanks to the PONTIAC BBK, and their parts and performance upgrades, older muscle cars like Pontiac Firebird or GTO, as well as Chevy’s and other GM’s have received a prolonged life on the streets. While human ingenuity helps a great deal when parts lack, why would you bother yourself with patches if you can get a perfect fit for most of your powertrain needs.


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