2016 Saab Redesigned

Saab enthusiasts cheered the news that this particular car brand to survive in the market, albeit under a new owner – a consortium NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), which has the Chinese capital. But the latest twist in the story of 2016 Saab could turn off fans hope that in the future on the road to see new models of cars with the name of the brand.

Specifically, the Swedish aerospace and military companies – 2016 Saab AB, which is the founder of the eponymous car brand and who owns the rights to use that name, however, will not allow the new owner to use the original name and emblem. NEVS has assumed full ownership of Saab Automobile in 2012, and despite the financial problems in recent years, launching and stopping production, and still has ambitious plans to produce primarily electric cars.

2016 Saab rear

Apparently, these cars will not be able to bear the Saab although it will have a distinctive design of the former Swedish brand. NEVS is from 2012 and the takeover of Saab used this name in all promotional activities, including a website, and the latest news is a surprise.

However, Saab AB maintains that there is no room for surprise, because, according to them, NEVS purchasing automobile companies did not get the rights to the name Saab.

2016 Saab grille

We forbad them to use the mark Saab, and there will be no more discussions, a spokesman explicit Saab AB, Sebastian Carlsson.

According to earlier plans, NEVS should have 2017-launch a modified Saab 9-3, and by 2018, and four new models, where all vehicles would have electric drive.

The consortium said in December that the Chinese leasing company Panda New Energy has signed a contract worth as much as 12 billion dollars of co-operation which involves the delivery of 150,000 copies of electric models 9-3. It remains to be seen how the ban on using the name Saab affect these plans.

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